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Affordable & Social Housing Project

Inadequacy of decent and affordable housing in Mombasa County


  • Due to small developable landmass, an ever increasing population (1.2 million in 2015 - 2.4 by 2040) and proliferation of informal settlements (72 documented) there is a great demand for decent and affordable housing (2015 study capturing a deficit of 380,000 Units.)

  • Mass Urban Housing Project in 12 Lots/Estates for construction of 30,000 housing units

  • Completion between 18-34 months  


  • Residents of Mombasa County, particularly the residents living within county houses and in informal settlements

  • County Government Revenue 



  • Phase 1 Mzizima, Miritini Greenfields, Changamwe, Likoni (Flats and Customs) and Nyerere

  • Phase 2 Redevelopment of 12,000 housing units in Tudor Mwisho, Buxton, Tom Mboya, Kaa Chonjo, Khadija and Kizingo estates


  • County Department of Land, Housing and Physical Planning

  • County Department of Finance and Economic Planning

  • County Department of Trade, Tourism and Investment

  • Governor’s Office