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yarn used in the apparel and textile sector in mombasa kenya

Apparel and Textiles

The Apparel sector in Mombasa is now home to around 60% of Kenya's apparel manufacturers

Kenya is now one of the largest apparel exporters under the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) .

Exports have grown at a rate of 17% per annum since 2010

In order to facilitate efficiency and ease, the coast branch of the EPZA and the Kenya Apparel Manufacturers & Exporters Association branch are both located in Mombasa

The proximity of Mombasa’s Export Processing Zones (EPZs) to the port (and airport) is extremely advantageous for any export industry where most of the inputs are imported. 

The maturity of the industry has resulted in the establishment of various supply chain businesses, such as YKK zipper factory.

The apparel sector employs 18,000 of the 21,000 employees in Mombasa’s EPZ, which is a testament to the vast pool of skilled textile workers 

Vocational training colleges in Mombasa offer relevant courses and the Ministry of Industrialisation is in the process of setting up a practical training centre for the industry, to raise productivity to global best practices. 

The Kenyan government is providing vital support for the entire textile and apparel value chain, which includes a subsidised power rate of US $0.09/KWH for apparel manufacturers


Investment Opportunity

Kipevu EPZ comprises of 21 hectares under development.

This land is ideal for apparel manufacturing due to its proximity to the port. 

The industrial buildings range from 10,000sqft to 100,000sqft and rent will range from US $2.80 to US $3.50 per sqft per annum,  plus 15% Service Charge.


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