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      building and construction site in mombasa kenya

      Building and Construction

      Mombasa was the first County to launch e-Construction Permit in 2015 , automating the application and review procedures for processing:
      Construction Permits (CPs)
      Occupancy Certificates (OCs).

      Mombasa’s growing population, expanding economy and large-scale infrastructure developments mean the construction sector is poised to offer many opportunities to interested construction enterprises.

      Mombasa was the first County to launch  e-Construction Permit in 2015 , automating the application and review procedures for processing Construction Permits (CPs), Inspections and Occupancy Certificates (OCs).

      This allows developers and architects to conveniently submit their plans online for vetting and approval.

      Mombasa has a well-developed construction sector with around 40 reputable contractors listed by the Architects Association of Kenya, which also has a branch in Mombasa.


      There are eight technical training institutes offering courses relevant to the sector, including the Technical University of Mombasa

      The National Construction Authority and National Housing Corporation also have offices in Mombasa.

      In 2012, using the Prime International Residential Index (PIRI), Mombasa was rated as having the second highest return on investment in Africa.

      In 2013 MasterCard ranked Mombasa amongst the fastest growing cities in Africa, above Lagos, Dakar and Abidjan. Mombasa is noted as the city to watch in the next 10 years.

      Recent investments in Mombasa have included the state of the art English Point Marina and The Shaza.

      Investment Opportunity

      Mombasa County is currently seeking investors for residential and commercial development on 800 acres of prime land within the county.

      There is an estimated demand for 20,000 affordable housing units per year in order to meet growing demand in Mombasa.

      Mombasa County has recently developed an Integrated Strategic Urban Development Plan identifying multiple construction related investment opportunities, including new commercial and industrial centres to decongest Mombasa’s City Centre.

      There are multiple opportunities linked to the expansion and upgrading of the port and development of the Dongo Kundu Special Economic Zone. 

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