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Mombasa roads and infrastructure

Location and Size

Mombasa County is located in the South Eastern part of Kenya’s Coastal region.  It covers an area of 229.9 square kilometers (km2) with a water mass of 65 square kilometers


Mombasa covers an area of 229.9 square kilometers (km2) excluding 65(km2) of water mass which is 200 nautical miles inside the Indian Ocean

Mombasa borders Kilifi County to the North, Kwale County to the South West and the Indian Ocean to the East. The county lies between latitudes 30 degrees 80’ to the East and4 degrees 10’ South of the Equator and between longitudes 39 degrees 60’ and 39 degrees 80’ East of Greenwich Meridian.    

The County also enjoys proximity to a very expansive water mass, as it borders the exclusive ecological zone of the Indian Ocean to the East  


The County lies within the coastal strip in the hot tropical region where the climate is influenced by monsoon winds.


The rainfall pattern is characterized by two distinct long and short rain seasons corresponding to changes in the monsoon winds.  The long rains occur in April – June with an average 1,040mm and correspond to the South Eastern monsoon winds.  The short rains start towards the end of October lasting until December and correspond to the comparatively dry North Eastern monsoons, averaging 240mm.  The annual average rainfall for the county is 640mm


The annual mean temperature in the County is 27.9 degrees Celsius with a minimum of 22.7 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 33.1 degrees Celsius.  The hottest month is February with a maximum average of 33.1 degrees Celsius while the lowest temperature is in July with a minimum average of 22.7 degrees Celsius.  Average humidity at noon is about 65 percent