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Old town mombasa showing the rich history of the coastal city

History of Mombasa

Mombasa has a history dating back to more than 2000 years when the Persians, Arabs, Greeks and Romans visited the East African Coast and carried out trade between the Coast and the Mediterranean Lands

Mombasa Kenya is built on what was formerly an Island separated from the mainland by a narrow channel until a causeway was built at the beginning of this century connecting the Island with the Western mainland. 

On 15 June 1895, the British government officially declared all areas held by the Imperial British East Africa Company, including the Sultan’s Coastal ten-mile strip (of the Kenya coast) a British Protectorate. 

 In the same year the British decided to open up the hinterland by building a railway line from Mombasa to Lake Victoria. 

Thus the trading centre called Mvita started life.  In 1914, the traders formed a council to manage their affairs.  Hence, 1914 is considered officially as the year when Mombasa was founded. 

Mombasa’s  development tempo continued. Missionaries built churches and Indians and Muslims established temples, Mosques and bazaars.

After independence in 1963, the up-country African communities brought with them a rich wealth of business experience which expanded the town as a commercial and tourism nerve centre at the Coast