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Introduction of A Bus Rapid Transit System

Mombasa is one of the fastest growing cities in East Africa and traffic jams has worsened with destinations that were once five minutes away taking nearly an hour to reach.


  • Construction of 1 special lane for the 4 high-capacity buses in the Mombasa CBD main roads. It will take seven minutes for the buses to move in the entire CBD. This will allow the public use less time to work place and home.

  • Four buses to be located at the main junction leading to the CBD at Buxton.

  • Phases II and III will install bus lanes into Mombasa West Mainland roads and Mombasa North Mainland Road.


            • County Government Revenue

            • Local residents  


            • Phase I CBD

            •   Phase II Mombasa Mainland  


            • County Department of Finance and Economic Planning

            • County Department of Trade, Tourism and Investment

            • County Department of Transport, Infrastructure & Public Works

            • National Government