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Parking Silo & Multipurpose Complex

Mombasa County currently documented at 7,008 parking lots within the Island only. Majority of the parking lots are on the roadsides (a recipe for congestion) and increase in the number of private cars pressing a high demand on parking spaces.



The informal parking space at Makadara Grounds has been in use from time in memorial. The space was a derelict quarry in the colonial era and has been left unattended and used as is without improvements. Convectional parking is proving infeasible. The solution for parking requirements is the Multi-level car parking systems to maximize car parking capacity by utilizing vertical space.

Parking Silo, Car washing facility and improvement of the Recreational facility at Makadara Grounds.

  • Provision of 1,000 parking space on a high rise (G+4) Silo.

  • Provision of a Car Washing facility (Environmentally friendly.)

  • Upgrading and Recreational facility (Grounds) to counter the concrete jungle of the city.





        • County Government Revenue

        •   Local residents  


        • Makadara Grounds


        • County Department of Finance and Economic Planning

        • County Department of Trade, Tourism and Investment