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Value Addition

Establishment of A Leather Processing Plant

Various researches conducted show that the Leather Tanning and Finishing industry is undergoing a transition period in Kenya. After years of off shoring and outsourcing, Kenya is now considering bringing production back to Kenya to avoid rising prices in China and high overhead costs associated with manufacturing abroad.


  • Mombasa County is a value addition center and gateway for all agricultural produce including meat processing and hides and skin value addition. The County Government of Mombasa proposes the rehabilitation and use of the KMC facility which is underutilized at Kibarani. The County Government of Mombasa is tabling a takeover bid as part of the coastal region efforts to harness potential in the livestock sub sector.

  • Proposed Leather Processing Plant at the Mombasa Industrial Park (MIP). Government owned land in Jomvu Constituency.

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                      PROJECT BENEFICIARIES

                      •  Local Residents

                      • Private Sector

                      •   County Government Revenue

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                      PROJECT LOCATION

                      • Mombasa Industrial Park (MIP), Jomvu Kuu ward

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                      ANCHOR DEPARTMENTS

                      • County Department of Finance and Economic Planning

                      • County Department of Trade, Tourism and Investment

                      • County Department of Transport, Infrastructure & Public Works

                      • County Department of Land, Housing and Physical Planning

                      • County Department of Water Sanitation and Natural Resources

                      • County Department of Environment and Waste management

                      • Governor’s Office